We are made of stars

Monday, July 10, 2006

the valley of seeking

We are made of stars. Every cell in our body is a world within worlds. We breath in the past and exhale the future- that sustains the universes. We are finite and infinite.

Worlds collide. Skin against skin, and new worlds are born. Our thoughts are reality. Realities are dreams.

We yearn for union, for answers from the transitions. Transformation is inevitable, as we were never merely flesh.

This world of bottom lines is against our nature. Values have warped into three minute dispositions, and we retreat into neon nights. Enemy eyes stare back at us, we pack heat, we must win.

What do we win? Not eternity, not him or her… we beat ourselves to the punch and seal all doors.

The body
Does not lie. It can be manipulated but the memory is ancient and truths eventually rise. We turn ourselves into pretty prisons with cable television and 300 count sheets. This is who we are, with a matching car.

The body
Knew no shame until it was condemned, life without parole, take take take fake fake fake
Do we ever look out the windows?

The body
Is a window
We see the terrors played out in the knots and bruises, the rot and decay
We see the dreams played out in the glow and vibrations, the growth and change

The stars
Have a language of their own
Of light and transmission
Timeless seasons of hot to cold
Eternal wax and wane

What have we learned?


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